Mike Lanni has over 45 years of experience in electrical engineering, and has held the positions as both Electrical Engineer and Facilities Plant Engineer in Manufacturing and Process Plants and has supervised departments of maintenance and construction.

He has been directing design and managing construction, overseeing the implementation of the design documents thru completion of projects. His experience in overcoming conflicts and field conditions in a practical and economical manner, have been critical to overall success of projects.

From 1979 to 2001 he worked as Chief Electrical Engineer at Universal Studios Hollywood. He has been responsible for design, installation, and maintenance of the electrical distribution system of Universal City Studios Hollywood. Mike oversaw major development projects such as Universal City Walk, Tour center and Tour attractions. He has designed and had his staff install 4,000 data drops in 12 buildings, including master and intermediate data facility rooms.

Mike Lanni has served as a panel member on the national electric code panel covering safety rules on low voltage circuits and emergency generators for twenty years.

Mike Lanni designed and developed an existing 2400 volt radial distribution system into a looped, sectionalized 12000 volt system, and increased Electrical System capacity from 11 megawatts to 70 megawatts, by installing a new double ended 66KV/12KV substation; metered at primary, savings 1.2 million dollars a year. Mr. Lanni installed seventy high voltage substations, ranging from 150 to 7000 Kilowatts. He also designed 7 stages, two sound dubbing rooms, five parking lots, all studio entrances, road lighting and a multitude of buildings and office areas.

Projects that he has been responsible for include but are not limited to, Antelope Valley Transit Electric Charging Facility for 85 buses, 1212 S. Flower, Boulevard 6200 South, Boylston Apartments, Blair House Car Chargers and 830 S. Olive.
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