Santa Monica, California

Design of mechanical & electrical system for the provision of exhaust systems to provide for nine negative pressure isolation rooms within the existing facility”.
Northridge Hospital Medical Center
James I. Farr Nursing Wing: A new 6-story high rise addition to the existing Northridge Hospital Medical Center, which included new ICU/CCU care areas, LDRP rooms and other patient care areas along with new administrative and lobby areas, basement, etc. Total construction cost for this addition was approximately $15 million.

Glendale Health Center Facility (501 N. Glendale Ave.)
Mechanical, plumbing and electrical services for negative pressure isolation rooms.

St. John's Regional Medical Center
Mechanical, plumbing and electrical services for an existing hospital in Oxnard, California, including central plant additions, cooling tower addition, chiller room separation, steam boiler replacements, elevator de-watering, addition of hot water generator, surgery and recovery upgrades, computer room renovations and analysis of buildings.

Washington Hospital Addition and Parking Structure
A new Emergency Room and remodel of miscellaneous areas throughout the hospital in addition to a new two level parking structure. This project was of particular interest as it was served from two different municipalities, L.A. City and Culver City.

Sherman Oaks Community Hospital
Miscellaneous remodels to the existing three story hospital including upgrade of patient wings on the second and third floor.

Newport Lido Medical Center
A new five story atrium style medical office building in Newport Beach, California. Project included interconnection of the new building to mechanical and electrical services, which were provided on a central plant basis to the existing five level medical office building adjacent and, in addition, there was a four level parking structure constructed.

Hawthorne Community Hospital
Additions and remodel of major portions of the hospital completed in the mid-1970-s. This project, if constructed today, would have an estimated constructed cost of about $25 million.

Saint Mary's Hospital
A new 150 bed hospital complete with surgeries, emergency rooms, patient rooms, administration for a complete working installation in Centralia, Illinois.

MECEDA Medical Center (Saudi Arabia)
This new 500 bed hospital was a complete self contained hospital including patient rooms, surgeries, emergency rooms and all ancillary facilities as well as a full teaching school and housing for patient families, doctors and staff. Project was constructed in Dharan, Saudi Arabia and was completed in approximately 1986.

Veterans Administration Hospital, San Fernando Valley
Miscellaneous new laboratories including endocrinology, psychopharmacology and dental laboratories plus remodel to miscellaneous facilities at the existing pre-World War II hospital.

Veterans Hospital, Long Beach
Remodel and renovations to the site utilities at the existing facility.

Desert Hospital
Miscellaneous projects including new waiting rooms, eye procedure rooms and other miscellaneous projects all completed.

Veterans Administration Wadsworth
Domiciliary units at the existing VA Medical Center. Work consisted of completed remodel and rehabilitation of two existing buildings, one four story and one three story with interconnection to existing site utilities.

Washoe Medical Center
A new high rise medical office building and teaching facility as well as some medical facilities constructed in Reno Nevada.

South Coast Community Hospital Modifications
Renovations of the central plant including virtually all new equipment and interconnection to existing buildings, site utility network, remodel of kitchen, dining areas and laboratories and addition of a new nursing wing and a new parking structure. This project, if constructed in 1990's would have a total construction cost of approximately $45 million.

The Hospital of the Good Samaritan Fire and Life Safety Consulting
Consultation and report pertaining to the fire and life safety retrofit requirements and costs for two of the existing buildings at the hospital site.

California Hospital Diagnostic and Treatment Center
Full services for the installation of a new diagnostic and treatment center interconnected to the existing California Hospital facilities and utilities and including upgrades of the central plant to accommodate this new wing.

Midway Hospital Renovation
Renovation and upgrade of miscellaneous facilities within the hospital including, but not limited to laboratories, kitchen and dining facilities, patient rooms and areas as well as other support areas within the hospital.

414 Camden Medical Arts Building
Renovation of an existing 12-story office building complete with new fire life safety systems, medical air systems emergency power systems and tenant improvements including a full outpatient surgery center, dental and medical offices.
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