Mixed Use San Joaquin Medical Office Building
Bakersfield, California

Design build of mechanical systems for a new 4-story turnkey medical office building consisting of 3 floors of medical office space, a 4th floor outpatient (OSHPD III) surgery space and (3) linear accelerators (non-OSHPD).
Office Buildings

Hollywood 959
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design for a 241,568 square foot entertainment campus including 237,568 square feet of office space and up to 4,000 square feet of employee commissary space. The Project would provide valet surface parking and 735 parking spaces in an eight-level above ground parking structure. The Project is designed to be an entertainment campus to cater primarily to entertainment-type users for offices, editing and post-production. The project would be developed with three structures: "West Wing", "East Wing", and the parking structure. This project is LEED Gold certified.

1601 N. Vine
Shell & Core Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design for a new 8-story office building complete with 5-levels of subterranean parking all built to LA City and Cal Green high rise standards. Project is nearing completion and is LEED Gold certified.

Bradbury Building
Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing design for an existing historic office and retail building to be renovated/remodeled to accommodate restaurant(s), bar(s) in retail and future kitchenettes in offices.

Marina Business Center
Renovations and modifications to approximately 26,500 sq. ft. of existing office building to prepare space for creative office space including turnkey development of bathrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, etc.

Unite Here Health
Provide Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering for an existing building, second floor tenant improvement.

Sony Pictures (MGM Office Building/Filmcorp Office Building), Culver City, California
New 8-story office building constructed as a full high rise facility including tenant improvements. This building has a 9,000 square foot 100 foot high atrium. Building had central station air conditioning systems, thermal storage system for reduction of electrical costs and full automation systems.

6505 Wilshire Office Building, Los Angeles, California
Mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection of an existing 12-story building consisting of approximately 136,000 square feet and an additional 99,000 square feet of enclosed parking structure. Full central plant retrofit and replacement.

FISERV (8413 Fallbrook Avenue) Tenant Improvements
West Hills, California
Design of the mechanical, plumbing, electrical and fire protection systems for tenant development of approximately 20,113 usable square foot of office space. Upgrade of outside air for dense population and separate systems for printer room, IT room, security room and after hours break room, waste, vent, hot and cold water, for upgrade of main restroom and four kitchen/back areas and lighting, power, low voltage raceways and connection of equipment including off hours HVAC.

2011 North Soto, Los Angeles, California
Renovations and addition of a new central plant to convert 88,000 square feet of existing warehouse and offices into office space for the University of Southern California. Full service shell and core design services for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection services.

801 Grand Office Building, Los Angeles, California
Design build scope for the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems and design development drawings to convert the top 11 floors of an existing 22 story office to condominiums.

Countrywide Office Building, Calabasas, California
Full mechanical, plumbing, automatic fire sprinklers, electrical engineering for a new 3-story turnkey office building.

Great Western Bank Headquarters, Chatsworth, California
Full mechanical, plumbing, automatic fire sprinkler, electrical and energy management system engineering for (1) 10-story, 275,000 square foot world headquarters facility, including full tenant development, 1-level of subterranean parking and adjacent 3-level 650 car structure.

International Medical Systems Office Building, El Monte, California
Full engineering study and design of expanded manufacturing areas for an existing 3-building pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Mechanical systems included class 1,000 and 10,000 clean rooms, class 100 hoods and chilled water.

Standard Oil Building, Los Angeles, California
Engineering for installation of new chillers including modifications to control systems as required, for an existing historic high rise office building consisting of approximately 100,000 square feet of leased space.

414 Camden Office Building, Beverly Hills, California
Completed building renovation, including normal and emergency power distribution. Develop of design plans and specifications to be issued as bid documents.

Hollywood 959

1601 N. Vine

Bradbury Building

Bradbury Building Interior

Marina Business Center

Unite Here Health

Sony Pictures (MGM Office Building/Filmcorp Office Building)

6505 Wilshire Office Building

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